Yahoo! big bets: translation

Yahoo! put together a huge presentation for their Analyst Day 2006. One part that’s particularly interesting is Yahoo’s big bets for the next 5 years:

Not being present on the actual conference call or meeting, I’m trying to articulate what they mean by each of the “big bets.” Here’s my best guess.

  1. Next-generation experience
    Web 2.0, everywhere on all devices
  2. Monetization
    a) kill AdSense, b) multi-media and multi-channel approach, c) charge for value (e.g., Flickr)
  3. Platforms
    a) standards, APIs & “mashability” b) data accessible anywhere
  4. Beyond the browser
    a) iTunes-ish applications, b) digital identies, aggregated, c) mobile devices

The presentation is immense, and so are the challenges as Yahoo! charges forward on seemingly all fronts at once.

One thing that is definitely becoming clear is that Yahoo! is determined to not play second fiddle to Google, nor does it want to be part of a Microsoft. Instead, Yahoo! has a very clear vision of itself as a “21st century media company,” and is following its own path.

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