Writely invite, please!

Is there anyone out there with a Writely account and a spare invite?

Writely has not been accepting new accounts for over a month – every since they were bought by Google – and won’t be for another month, and I’ve been dying to try the service and also have a place to store/create/search some of my documents.

If you do, please leave a comment and I’ll get in touch.


[ update June 9 ]

Thanks, Matthew Mullins, for the invite!

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  • Hi,

    Would you please send me a writely invitation if you got any left.


  • sorry here is my address – cleverly obfuscated to avoid spam bot email address slurpers

    mmferry2003 [at] yahoo . com

  • i also could use a writely account for a project i’m working on. if you’ve any left, i would be quite appreciative of an invite.

  • Ok, I’d love to not be jumping on the bandwagon, but not as much as I’d love a Writely account. If you have to give, I am grateful to receive. sparkplug9 [at] zeb.mailshell.com
    Go Brazil!

  • Sent, sent, sent, and sent!

    You’re welcome all, and Zeb … go Netherlands (and England)!

    I know, kinda crazy, but I have two favorites in the World Cup. Kinda doubles my chances of being happy at the end.


  • Oh, dear me, I’d love a writely invite too! Any chance you can swing one my way? I’d owe you!

    jesseca (at) gmail dot com

  • Like the others, I am sorry for the inconvenience or if you have already given out all of your invitations but if you could spare one I would be so so so grateful.
    Thank you in advance
    Christopherjamex (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Hi John,

    Would you please send an invite my way as well?
    Everyone loves you.
    Thank you! -Andrew

    andrew bond 0 1 at gmail (dot) com

  • I hate to be a bum about this too, but could you send me an invite at capitocapito (at) gmail (.) com ? Thank you. I’ll try to contribute by inviting my share of people.

    Actually, since you already have this service, any comments from you? Compatibility issues? Anything?