Wow – free server from Sun

Got an email from Sun a couple of days ago: they want to send me a free server. And what a server it is – wow!

Trial configurations of new Sun Fire T2000 servers ship with the UltraSPARC T1 processor, two 73-GB drives, and dual power supplies. You can select from the following multi-core CPU and memory options:

Small: 4 cores, 16 x 512MB (T20-104A-08GA2C) – US$8,295
Standard: 6 cores, 16 x 512MB (T20-106A-08GA2C) – US$10.895
Medium: 8 cores, 16 x 512MB (T20-108A-08GA2C) — US$13,395
Large: 8 cores, 16 x 1GB (T20-108A-16GA2C) – US$16,995

Only one catch: I gotta give it back after 60 days. Or write such a stunning post about it that Sun Marketing will let me keep it for free.

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