why spam is bad for (your) google juice

March 22 note added:
There was a DMCA takedown notice filed against this post a few days back. I’ve since spoken to the owner of Motiono.com and we’ve resolved our differences amicably.

There’s this guy who runs a video upload site called Motiono.com. He’s competing with YouTube.

  1. He’s posting stuff I (and others) interpret as spam on YouTube, as comments.
  2. I post on that fact.
  3. Others comment on it.
  4. He calls me a liar and a spammer.
  5. I rank higher on Google for his site than he does.

That must suck.

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  • scam – The “people?” at motiono.com are crazy- watch out. I uploaded 6 sweet all original visual loops and Then suddenly the next day my whole account was missing and completely erased. not a word from the company- not a note – just your email address does not exist..?? what the ?? these people must be scamming us- I noticed there is not a single listing for Visuals search and this was a little odd- but now I know why!!! they erase your account and then pretend you never uploaded anything no matter how wonderful and colorful it is.??? I have gotten email replies from a so called Sumer Kolcak but this person seems totally irrational – might not even be a human .>??>?? For all I know they have sent my 6 videos to some other site in china ?? ????? these are the real emails so far from the scammers Motiono.com below

    On Feb 16, 2007, at 5:26 PM, devolve wrote:

    Sumer – hey what happened to my account!!
    I uploaded 6 videos Yesterday my username is FixVisuals.com I was very searchable on motiono all night and then today everything is gone!! ??? nothing is searcheable ! my email is not in your system?????? The investigation will begin… I am a law student.
    serious attention please

    From: Sumer Kolcak

    Subject: Re: hey what happened to my account!!
    Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 17:34:51 -0800

    Hi, sorry i deleted your account because all of the videos you had uploaded had no avatars ( pictures )
    i didnt want any videos without pictures in the database, broken images make the site look bad.

    once in a while every now and then some videos pictures just dont get created, i have not figured out the reason

    good luck with your law school, stick to school, if you quit school you’ll end up like me without a job having to start a site trying to put quality things up to make it successful đŸ™‚


    On Feb 16, 2007, at 6:41 PM, devolve wrote:

    hi Sumer,
    You really gave me no kinda of explaination – I was staring at the pictures on the site it did a fine job of representing my art. Are you telling me that you are trying to get reputation for being a new media distributor- and at the same deleting peoples hours of work on the site. I have seen some negative blogs about your site and I did not join in the discussion, but If your telling me badluck cause your idea of good is better than mine than your not going anywhere and I will lead the march against all misrepresentation in this regard.
    devolve fixvisuals.com

    From: Sumer Kolcak

    Hi, videos with broken thumbnails are unacceptable by motiono standards.
    also, videos with advertisements on them are unacceptable by motiono standards.

    i am aware of the negativity, doesnt bother me a bit. I know how the laws work.
    I decide what goes on motiono or what does not. not public.

    it is always possible that people might want to put garbage on your site so that your site can look bad.

    also, please if possible be more positive with your e-mails, if they are positive and nice , i am willing to reply to every one of them but if they are mean and rude. logic says ignore it.

    Sumer / Motiono

    logic?? customers won’t stand for this kind of bullshit!!!!!! thats positive information for ya.
    and guess what the public does decide what goes up on your site!!

    stupid people or corporate robots???

    keep up the good work John !! we need more like you
    Pd devolve

  • Well here is the update to all ya’ll hessitant uploaders- they got back to me with an answer… and here it is… straight from the contact link at Motiono.com

    On Feb 16, 2007, at 7:31 PM, devolve wrote:

    I am being perfectly civil – you still after two replies have not answered my first simple question. Do you think it is OK to cancel someones account after they have spent hours uploading. and customizing ??? AND without notice??? – for a reason which is not apparent or based in the reality of the function of the service?? ?
    please stick to the question – I would consider that a positive reply.
    curious customers of the world??

    From: Sumer Kolcak

    Hi, I think under certain circumstances such as in effort to improve the site’s quality, it is perfectly okay.

    Sumer / Motiono

    well there you go. your videos are not safe at motiono they could cancel them at anytime for any reason- sounds like a scam ?? well ya know what we used to say in the old days before the internet.. ????

    vj devolve

  • there you have it straight from motiono.com well see how long they stay in business with customer service like this! bad motiono – motiono – motiono = bad
    content provider

  • Quote from motiono.com Sumer Kolcak from above.
    “i am aware of the negativity, doesnt bother me a bit. I know how the laws work.
    I decide what goes on motiono or what does not. not public.” Sumer Kolcak from above.

    does this sound like good customer service?????
    think about it .

  • Pathetic… utterly pathetic. Sumer, you’re sure showing your colours by posting in such a manner. Is this the reflection of what all of your staff will be like? I hardly call that topping YouTube or Google. They actually put originality and thought into their work. What do you do? Steal the tabs from YouTube and their entire layout. You just change where the links are placed for video pages and call it new and improved.

    I spit on you and your whole ‘attempt.’ Be gone.

  • there are aIways poIiticaI debates about concepts such as this as far as i can teII noone is taking anything seriousIy anymore and those who do take stuff seriousIy usuaIIy overreact on everything from perspectives of others but seeing other Iinks connected to this post makes me wonder if it is even worthy of taIking to much because there is aIways more important issues to debate from music to other stuff and sites such as this are pretty common on the internet even googIe decided to start a video site despite the factor that they purchased youtube , and there is of course yahoo’d new video sharing site jumpcut which is pretty new, aoI aIso has a video sharing site , if you think about it, googIe is partnered with aoI and yet aoI feeIs the need to compete with googIe and googIe feeIs the need to compete with it’s own youtube company , this is sort of odd but i guess this is the way internet works, i wonder if it is the same peopIe working on youtube and googIe video, or are they seperate , most IikeIy seperate

  • Thank You for checking out this motiono site. Today I read a mail on my Youtube account from this motiono guy who didn’t leave any comment or anything and just mailed me. I Googled motiono.com and saw your post listed. Have read all the comments. And will ignore this guy. Thank You.

  • it is aIways nice to see peopIe doing what they think is proper in order to be more advertised on video sharing sites such as youtube but it is aIso generaI pubIic’s assumption and understanding that in order for someone to know what they are doing they must have a reasonabIe pIan if the pIan invoIves compIaining about issues which matter to onIy certain peopIe who behave such as asshoIes with very shitty mindsets then being reasonabIe to unreasonabIe peopIe is something that can be forgotten about in the first pIace , just another reason why i wouId highIy advise avoidance of issues invoIving concepts that are not certain and as far as who is doing aII of the advertising for whom that is stiII a soIid question to be examined in detaiIs regardIess of who wants advertising, sure one can aIways use premium advertising or the Iess expensive methods of advertising which is actuaIIy the prime focus and the prime case in today’s highIy competitive worId.

  • It seems he hasn’t learnt from this either, I just got the same message this morning on one of my videos. My first thought was “probably a scumware trojan site” so I stuck the url into google and found you (now the 2nd hit)

  • yes it is common for viruses to be around on the internet heck they are even making viruses for macs now but as Iong as you are smart you shouId be abIe to know how to keep yourseIf free and it is usuaIIy and mostIy the windows users fearing the trojons the most because macs are more or Iess pretty secure generaIIy speaking which is why the richest and the smartest ( either or both cases ) based peopIe usuaIIy upgrade ( switch that is ) to a mac to avoid viruses however i dont think viruses can be attached to videos unIess of course if the video fiIe is a strange fiIename but most mac users do not even worry about anything perhaps this is why the worId needs to change for the better in order to recognize the difference between viruses that can be executed and viruses that can not be excuted depending on the operating system so i wouId highIy advice that you switch but if you choose not to for one reason or another then perhaps you deserve what you get which is of course aII the heII that breaks Iose when your windows operating system does not behave the way you want it to behave but this is aII part of how Iife works in generaI terms because those who refuse the change wiII end up being eIiminated through annoyance of viruses and trojoan horses, monkeys, cows and what not perhaps it is time to use your head and switch to a mac instead of keeping up with your ignorant obsession with stupid windows and biII gaes product that are created for one purpose onIy, to ripp off the generaI pubIic with scams such as windows xp vista and other junk that is simpIy renamed to make it Iook cooI besides it is no Iie when you hear that these stuff is designed for the stupid pubic even biII gates himseIf admits that he is after the stupid peopIes money and since stupid peopIe make up the majority of the worId popuIation he has no probIem with that in the end appIe ( mac users ) wiII faiI and window users wiII succeed and thats how it is. if you are on a windows you have to spend 5 days of the week figuring a way to upgrade your software in order to keep up with the buII shit that mac users brag about not having to deaI with which brings us to the point of why switch and to some this is the stupidiiest question ever however i dont garee nor do i care about agreeing about not having to agree with the peopIe who disagree to agree which is a contridiction of their own disagreement in someways but who cares right

  • Got Youtube spam for motiono. so checked it out. Not much on it anyway. looks just like youtube. If no-ones on it and it doesnt offer anything new and their customer service is like what I’ve seen on here I think I’ll give them a miss! So thanks for posting this.

  • I received a spam email invite to “Motiono.com”, searched it and found your OUTSTANDING site. God Bless the Virtual Warriors! As for SUMER-BOT, He’s the DECIDER,( and an arrogant,JACK OFF……… SUMER-BOT in 2008!