What the heck is going on here anyway


I’ve had this blog up for a little while now, perhaps two weeks, so I figure it’s time to say what it’s for … beside the obvious, which is basically whatever I want it to be for.

Well, it is a blog, so this is my place to put stuff that I’m thinking about. But it’s also a place for me to post some of my work, whether it’s children’s stories that I’ve written for my kids, a book I’m working on, poetry that I’ve written, or photos that I’ve taken.

Plus, I’d like to have some kind of record of books I’ve read, music I’ve listened to and loved, and other things that have tickled my fancy – or not. So I’m going to stick the odd reflection on books up here and that sort of thing.

But this is also going to be a place where I indulge my passion for technology, particularly Macintosh, websites, usability issues, and Linux. I am, after all, in the technology industry, and, like most in the business, love gadgets and all the big boy toys.

And it’s going to be a place that reflects who I am, my core beliefs, and what I want to say to the world. Besides hello, that is!

Sometimes, when you’re defining something, it’s easiest to say what it isn’t rather than what it is. Well, this is not going to be a ‘metoobie’ blog with a link to every page I see with something interesting on it. Why not?

  1. there are too many people doing that already
  2. there are lots of good places to get lots of good links
  3. I see way too many interesting things to list them all here
  4. there’s something boring about endlessly re-hashing the same stuff over and over again
  5. this site is about my and my perspective and my stuff
  6. ’nuff said!

Enjoy. I intend to!