Webinar: Loyalty & mobility in 2021 for retail brands

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2020 was insane and 2021 is chaotic. We’re opening, we’re closing, we’re changing the rules all the time as the ongoing health crisis impacts different countries (and different regions with countries) differently. That makes life challenging for everyone … including brands connecting with customers.

Mobile’s been a breakout star of these horrible times, and brands are navigating the chaos as best they can.

In this webinar for my client FollowAnalytics, we’re going to explore how to do that best.

From the webinar landing page:

With physical shopping restrictions here to stay and customers used to excellent online experiences with digital giants, user experience online & offline has become more important than ever. Timely and personalised engagement strategies as well as loyalty development initiatives are critical for businesses to attract and retain customers if they are to achieve their revenue targets.

In this webinar, we will openly discuss how brands can make the most of mobile in 2021, with concrete examples how Interparfums and Bernina have overcome challenges. Fielo will expand on how loyalty, when combined with mobility, drives behavior changes among clients, partners and staff.

We have a pretty stellar list of panelists, including Cécile Du Chesnay, an executive from perfume giant InterParfums, loyalty expert Gregory Duval, Bernina executive Thomas Hack, and FollowAnalytics’ own JV Chardon.

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It’s Thursday May 20th … join me by signing up here!