8 keys to App Tracking Transparency prompts that don’t suck

There are way, way, way too many App Tracking Transparency prompts that suck. And they suck really hard.

I got my teen to transcribe about 50 of them and spent some time analyzing the language, the reasoning, and the rationale. And while the reason we’re seeing horrendous take-up of the ATT prompt might be Apple’s scary big language, mobile brands aren’t helping themselves at all.

From my recent post on my client Singular’s blog:

74% of App Tracking Transparency prompts tell people that tapping “Allow” will give them personalized advertising. The phrases appear to have been minted in the same 10-cent-a-word content foundry: “better ads experience,” “personalized ad experience,” “better personalized ads,” “personalized ads,” “more relevant ads,” “most relevant ads.”

Look: getting personalized ads is not high on your users’ priority list. They do not wake up in the morning and think their days would be even better with personalized ads. They rarely reflect on how much richer and more fulfilling their lives are thanks to personalized ads.

Marketing 101: get people to do what you want by either giving them what they want, or less of what they don’t want. Just once, I want to see an ATT prompt that is honest.

“Look, we know ads mostly suck. This makes them suck less.”

I challenge an app developer to try this.

Check out the full post and all eight keys to writing ATT prompts that don’t suck on the Singular blog …