Webinar: cross-platform marketing in the era of privacy

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Once upon a time, life was simple. You had one computing device, it weighed about 40 pounds, and when you stopped working for the day, you left it on a desk … top … and went about the rest of your life. Any marketers who tried to sell you anything digitally could do so in the calm and joyful knowledge that activity online from this device was you and you went only only through this device.

That was about 20 years ago, maybe more.

cross-platform marketing measurement

Now of course you’re on a mobile device, laptop, smart TV, tablet, and who knows what else, and if a brand wants to know if their marketing works, they have to match up customer journeys across different devices in different locations with different usage patterns.

Hence: cross-platform marketing.

Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a webinar for Singular on brands trying to do just that … and trying to do so while respecting privacy regulations and platform restrictions.

On the panel:

  • Liz Emery, Senior director @ Tinuiti
  • Maurice Khudhir, co-founder and CMO @ StudySmarter
  • Alon Nafta, VP of product @ Singular

What we’ll cover:

  • Gaining incremental users with cross-platform advertising
  • Leveraging first-party data and attribution for accurate holistic measurement
  • Making the web a valuable acquisition source for apps, particularly in a post-IDFA world

As per usual, we’ll have some fun, chat with some interesting people, and learn some key insights. If you’re interested … sign up for the webinar here.