Volareo Smart Speaker Challenges Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod With Crypto And Blockchain

A decentralized smart speaker is not exactly what it sounds like. The gadget, after all, is not decentralized. It is, however, the first to build in blockchain, crypto and…privacy.

“Volareo is a decentralised alternative to Google Home/Amazon Alexa,” says Conor Fitzpatrick, a company spokesman. “It’s the first to integrate with blockchain services (though it works with non-blockchain ones too).”

Smart speakers have been the breakout electronics category of the last few years, hitting an installed base of 50 million in the U.S. alone as of this month. All the options, however, are tied to a sponsoring company and its business model. Some are tied loosely, like Google Home. Some more tightly, like Amazon Echo. And some are completely intertwined into their company’s business model: HomePod.

Volareo is an attempt to reverse that.

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