Vancouver Enterprise Forum

Went to the Vancouver Enterprise Forum tonight.

There were a couple of great presentations … Dick Hardt’s on Identity 2.0 was very cool. What is identity, who are you, and how the heck other people, sites, and processes know who you are. He’s the founder of Sxore and Sxip, building various identity services for solutions from blog commenting to digital wallet-type stuff.

Check this out to get a sense of it … and it’s worth listening to while you’re there. Very cool presentation style: you don’t even look at the speaker, half the time.

The other really good one was Paul Kedrosky’s riff about web 2.0 and lots of geeky monkeys pounding on lots of high-tech typewriters creating lots of cool stuff a lot cheaper than just a few years ago. That was his big theme: it’s never been easier and cheaper to do a web software start-up. Dynamic speaker – very easy to listen to.

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