Unity CEO John Riccitiello on the $4.4B ironSource acquisition

I had a chance to catch up with Unity CEO John Riccitiello about his brand-new acquisition of adtech everything company ironSource for a massive $4.4 billion. That’s down considerably from ironSource’s top stock market valuation of a year ago or so, but nearly double its current value.

From my story on Forbes:

Unity, a 3D development environment, game publishing platform, and mobile monetization provider that powers the technology behind about half of games published globally today acquired “app economy business platform” ironSource for $4.4 billion. Key to the deal according to Unity CEO John Riccitiello: synergies around more data that will make ad targeting better.

“More data is better,” Riccitiello told me today. “And a diversity of data means we’re not dependent on any one data source.”

Good ad targeting drives game monetization, he added. And successful game monetization means that Unity’s core customers, game developers and publishers, not only do well, but also stick with the Unity platform.

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