Top 25,000 in Technorati

It’s foolish and silly and childish. I know. And top 25,000 is like coming in at the back of the pack at the elementary school track meet.

But still, I’m happy to report that bizhack is now among the top … drum roll please … 25,000 blogs worldwide.

(Yes, in spite of my many beefs with Technorati, they’re still the best available blog tracking/ranking service out there.)

Thanks to all those who have linked to this blog.

The reason I keep track of links is that links are the currency of the blogosphere – and of the web itself. A link is a vote … a vote of confidence. And I appreciate every single one.

Here’s a list of those who have linked to bizhack – much appreciated!

I hope I’ve listed everyone there. If I’ve missed you, leave a comment and I’ll add you.

Thanks again, and I hope to keep adding interesting and thought-provoking posts.

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  • Kudos, John. It is actually a bigger deal than you think… if technorati weeded out all the snot-nosed teenagers and pedophiles clogging up myspace, my guess is that all of our rankings would shoot through the roof. Alas, as somebody who just broke 50,000 (in only 6 months of blogging), I’m grateful to be where I am, and I’m pursuing the goal of being where you are (and the SLOB award helps). Congrats on your accomplishment… CARPE FACTUM!

  • Congratulations! We all look at our TR. When mine dipped under 100,000 after just over three months, I was a bit jazzed about it, for sure. I’m always amazed at who’s reading and how they found it. Content is king. That’s why you’re where you are and why you’ll continue to climb in the rankings. All the best!

  • John – well done! That ranking is like Mt. Everest, isn’t it. Some of us are only at base camp (I just only cracked 60,000, but hey, who’s counting?), but you’ve hit Camp II (or III maybe). I’m happy to link to you because all ranking talk aside, you just write darn good stuff. So I’ll be seeing you at 10,000 soon, I’m sure. All the best.