Thumbs up, thumbs down: obligatory post-Jobs-keynote post

I want the new iMac.
I want the new iPhoto.
I want the new iMovie.
I want the new GarageBand.
I want the new Keynote.
I want the new Numbers.
I’m not really impressed with iWeb.
Not too sure about .Mac yet.
I don’t really have a need for Pages – Word is good.

Best new iPhoto feature
Better organization of photos. Events is just brilliant … we have 14,000 photos and they’re just a complete blur. Events makes sense, and it’ll be a major enhancements. I called my wife down for that chunk of the demo, and it passed her keenly tuned BS filters. She even said “cool” a few times.

Best new iMovie features
Movie library just like photo library: one of those things that is obvious after Apple does it. Creating a movie in minutes: very needed, and very awesome.

Still needed: easier podcasting
I still think Apple needs a better podcasting tool. GarageBand is not the obvious place to go for podcasting, and it’s still not super simple and easy there, AFAIK.


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  • I’d love to hear your reasoning for Keynote and Numbers, but not for Pages. Pages has saved many a monitor and hissy-fit for all my word processing needs.

    I will say this, as of August 7, 2007, iWork is woefully underpriced.

  • I bought iWork with a laptop that I purchased about a year ago and hadn’t actually used the applications until the middle of July. My take on Pages was that it was marginal both as a word processor and as a page layout program–Word is better at one job and Indesign is better at the other.

    Keynote, though, blew me away. Everything about it–the process of making slides, the templates, the effects, the support for placed file types, the interface, the final product, the export options–was so far superior to PPT that it wasn’t even fair. Honestly, I’ll be upgrading to the new version just for that–and if Numbers is as good as Keynote, I’ll be getting one heck of a deal.

    I’m hoping that the new version of Pages is significantly improved, but it almost doesn’t matter. Keynote’s the killer app for me.