Threadless: a new kind of business

If you haven’t seen Threadless yet, you’re missing something.

This is an incredibly cool company – the motto is “nude no more” – that has outsourced product development to …. you. Unbelievable, and incredible (which are two words that, when you think about it, actually mean the same thing).

You want to design a T-shirt? No problem!

Grab a template. Submit it. T-shirt designers just like you all over the whole world will score it. And then Threadless just might actually make it … and you just might score some cash and a store credit. Is that cool or what?

And the designs are incredible – as you might well expect, this company having opened to doors to let all the talent in the world participate.

Check out Lemuria. Or Blame it on your TV. Or this one, this one, or this one.

Very, very, very cool.

This company could not exist without the internet … 15, 20 years ago this company was probably inconceivable, not just impossible.

It makes me wonder what else has become possible right now that we are not doing simply because our blinders are on and we are lacking the Eureka moment to see the blindingly obvious (after someone else has done it) new opportunities.