This website hates people

hater.pngCheck out this screen from Seeking Alpha.

Here’s what I see when I read this:

  1. You don’t belong to the club
  2. If you do but you’re a bit of a doze, go log in now
  3. If you want to belong to the club, you have to do this first
  4. Here’s why you should care

Sorry, I already don’t care because the way you put your message together is rude. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Have a comments form that anyone can type into
  2. Accept the comment, with email address and optional URL, and if the commenter does not have an account, ask if he/she wants to create one … with the email address and URL already provided
  3. If yes, send and email to that address
  4. When the commenter clicks on a link in that email …
    • create an account
    • publish the comment

Simple, friendly, easy, natural, and quick.

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  • oh yeh i hate that web site too, very niceIy made point john, it is fIat out stupid and retarded to say ” if you dont have an account register now” foIIowed by a ” why register?” sort of Iike asking ” why wouId you want to register? ” are you an idiot? or just stupid?

    it Iooks Iike a piece of shit aIso, i am totaIIy in agreement with you on this one.