The Ridiculously Easy Upgrade

I just upgraded this blog from B2 Evolution to WordPress.

They’re both based on the same codebase, but that was the most amazingly easy unbelievably laughable upgrade ever.

Here were the steps:

  1. download WordPress
  2. upload to my webserver
  3. change a WordPress configuration file
  4. change an Apache handler I had set on the the site
  5. refresh the home page

Unbelievable. Very, very cool.

Only one complaint: I was looking at this screenshot when considering the upgrade, and thought I’d get better image handling within WordPress with the new release. Only after the install, when the new features did not magically jump out of the closet at me, did I check a little closer.

That’s a version 1.1 screenpic. The currently available release, the one I got, is 1.02.

Errch … would have been nice if they didn’t post screenpics from unavailable software.

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