The oddest post (on Scientology)

I haven’t been blogging with quite the old pace, mostly due to being busy, but also due to taking some down time in the evenings that I haven’t taken for over 6 months.

But checking my blog, postings, comments, etc. tonight, I found the oddest post. (Visitors can post, but I have to review it before it goes live.)

In essence, it’s a Scientologist who has seen my latest posting on Scientology and my earlier post on Katie Holme’s brainwashing, and is replying.

The person – who claims to be a Scientology “clear” since 1979 – questions whether or not there is such a thing as brainwashing. He or she then launches into a long explanation of Scientology.

He or she is certainly sincere – I don’t doubt that. But the arguments fall into the classic cultic vein: believe, then we’ll give you the evidence. Then everything will be better.

Well, I’m sorry, but believing that all of today’s problems are caused by spirits of long-dead aliens who visited our planet 75 million years ago and died in some planetwide catastrophe, and further believing that a science fiction writer who stated that the best way to make a million dollars was to start a religion somehow discovered this, magically, and further believing that the way to ultimate health and wellbeing is just around the corner if only you pay some secretive and mystical organization gobs of cash while some charlatan with a gimmicked-up “e-meter” measures your thetans …. violates Occam’s razor on so many different levels we don’t even need to talk about the story after story after story of escapees from Scientology who reveal its flaws, and, frankly, evils.

In any case, here’s the post. It’s the fairly typical leap off a tower of speculation built on a foundation of imagination that you get from most “true believers” in cults. And includes the classic “you can become god” lie:

How can you be brainwashed if you know your self ? HOW ? You for example know you like Blondes, Someone beats you and forces you at gunpoint to like Brunettes. Once the threat is removed Your going to go back to liking Blondes. It is just like those that say that MLM’s are bad, there Pyramid schemes. That is crazy. It is word of mouth advertizing, The best way to advertize. The real why is, The mind always has to make itself right , by making others wrong. Look around at any profession, you fill in the blank… 95% of any of them are usually losers. Only 5% are the winners. People have to make there group, or the president or someone else wrong, to make them selves right The republican or the Democrat, pick any example you will see one is continually making oneself right while downing or degrading the other.

If they would only grow. If they did they could see both sides and come out with an even greater solution, but no they have to make themselves right. Well it don’t have to be that way. If we don’t change and grow up to a whole new level of understanding, we will end up destroying ourselves again. I can just see the Islams and the Christians killing each other off, but No, each must be right. We will have peace on this rock when they both realize , there is a higher understanding they both must reach. It is just impossible to hate what you understand. Man has to be able to really achieve that level, before we change what always happens to every civilization that has ever been on this Rock. Man must grow up. He must realized that he is operating at the level of man and must grow up, as he is not just a man.

Religions tell us we are a spiritual being. Well that is true. But the understanding of what that really means must be really understood more deeply, before they realize that there fixed believes , there fixed ideas are just telling them that they know. If they know they won’t look any more will they? That is where they don’t understand themselves. It is ok to have a first grade level understanding of something, but if they would grow up and have a college level education of it, it would take on a much deeper meaning. This first grade level of understanding of what you are , has to be understood more deeply, in order to realize that there level of understanding is very low. Yes they are right, but at a higher level of understanding, would bring about a whole different concept, of themselves and life and what it really is all about.

We as a society are not operating on a spiritual Level, we aren’t using spiritual abilities, That means society doesn’t have the full understanding of who they are and what it is really all about yet. I believe we are aproaching the era in time where man is going to grow up. What does that mean grow up? It means we are spiritual beings , trapped in a human body and we have become what we originally created and have amnesia of the real whole story. God is a Spiritual being, so are we. If we grow up we become like our father don’t we? Well Our father in heaven is God, If we grow up to me that means we should have his same abilities too. That’s what I mean to grow up. Grow up to GOD…

In 300 years maybe mans understanding will be different than it is now and we will be able to look back at our believe systems now and see they were rather archaic, just like we look at the Pagans and primitive believes of our past Now. Well we must have grown a little as our concepts are different. I always got a different concept of something once I learned about it. If I would have had the same concept in the beginning, I wouldn’t have grown, would I? Well man has had the same concepts for 2000 years, its time to grow up now.

We see out there the Church of Scientology and because it has different concepts we automatically reject it.
Think maybe Gods concepts and mans concepts might be different? Think maybe if one was to really grow, I mean to make leaps and bounds of growth towards God and his abilities and concepts, might be why people reject them so? Those concepts are not in our minds yet, so we can’t agree with them. What if we grew leaps and bounds too, think maybe your concepts could change dramatically too and you might even agree with them at some point? That concept if you can understand it has serious ramifications. Let say you and a hand ful of buddies had the same awareness or perception level as you do now, you look around and you see everyone elses perception level was at the level of lets say the “Wino” You would totally agree with your friends and say, yea they sure are suffering, to bad they can’t see what they are are doing to cause there grief they are in. They all comunicate with each other, they can only have what other winos have, there responsibility level, integrity level create level and havingness level is pretty well out the bottom, but to them every thing is your fault , societies fault. Give them there bottle of wine and life is great, If you see what I am trying to portray here that our perception determines how we view life and we agree with each other and form groups with each other, dependant on that perception level.

Lets take a ” CLEAR” in Scientology or someone who has achieved the state of “Bodi” in Buddahism. Both are equivalent “states of Being” Both have achieved Enlightment of who they are, both can agree with the same spiritual laws and both can see that what they do has a direct correlation of what happens to them tommorrow. In Other words both can see they are causing there life, so they don’t blame the government, or society, or someone else any more, they are at the perception level they can see so clear that there life is just a concequence of their thoughts and then their actions. They can look around at man in General and see why man has all his problems, because they aren’t aware enough of themselfves to take responsibility for there own actions, They see society blaming George bush, or blambing the republicans or blambing, what is this Blame,?They just have to grow up…

How do you get a being to grow up? I mean to grow up all the way to God ? That is a lot of growing. How? Well your going to have to trust me on this, but Scientology, thru there auditing techniques bring the being into Present time, by handling all the pain of his spiritual past. YOU are a spiritual Being you have been around for nearly an eternity and guess what? YOU have memory of the whole trip. That is what the levels in Scientology is all about, the farther back you get the being to remember, the more abilities, he regains in the present. Pain , Drugs and Gosh awful things you have done along the way, is why you can’t remember. YOU know how good confessionals make you feel, well imagine with an E-meter that is used to locate mental pain and a trained technition of the mind called an” AUDITOR” who can trace back the source of a problem all the way back to the source, which might be farther back than you can imagine or believe. Believe has nothing to do with it. It will still have impact if you believe or not, as we are dealing with truth. The truth of something in your past will relinquish the hold it has on you in the present. There is so much spiritual gain for you to experience, it is only you who will lose by having to make your self so right, Realize you don’t know and you will really grow, You can grow into states of being nothing can strike you down. The Nutzo’s out there who think they know Scientology and is degrading it ,haven’t a clue and if your getting your information from them you won’t have a clue. It is from personal Experience as I attained the state of “Clear” back in 79. There is so much gain you can be stuck doing so good for a along time, like my self, But I realize I am not there, so have to continue my way up the bridge to a new man. That is our Goal it is very attainable, it is very survival, You have no reality how the pain in your mind causes you amnesia, causes you to be predudiced, causes your viewpoint to be slanted, causes you not to be able to duplicate, causes road rage, causes Domestic violence, causes disagreements, causes war, causes you to have to always be right,causes insanity. The level of man, from a higher perception is insane, When you can see what really is, you will be in present time, you will see the real why to things and you will be sane. The kooks out there aren’t telling you what Scientology really is. I have been involved for 30 years. I think I know what it is and isn’t. I can tell you without a doubt,the only reason a person is not in here helping us clear this planet is because he has never heard of it, or he thinks it is something it is not. There is so much gain available, you won’t be able to imagine, Think the wino is content with his bottle of wine? Man at his current level is content with his materialism. Boy if you only knew. What if I am right? Imagine what your missing out on not getting the pain off your case. The Technology is here, it works 100% of the time. The problems we have from the few out there that are unhappy was from our earlier beginnings when we didn’t necessarily deliver what was promised. The management is in solid, and you will get what we promise, I promise. Man in general is only a notch or two above the wino, in comparison to Who you really are, Don’t deny yourself the truth. Scientology is not a believe system. It is something you have to experience for your self. You can’t tell the Wino what you know, So how can you expect God to tell you what he really knows? Can’t be done. That is why it is something you have to experience. Scientology is for all Religions by design. It is the continued conciouness man must achieve, before you see Christ back at this level. I know I wouldn’t come back if I knew man hadn’t grown up to appreciate what I was trying to tell them. If they hadn’t grown that means they would just Kill me again. This is the Step Christ Knew would come about, before he would dare come back, let it happen.. It will be nice having him as a leader. Realize Scientology is a Science of the Mind It wil replace pschiatry.We have 500 auditors for every Shrink out there. Drugs are ruining this society, and that is there products, that is what they know. We as Scientologists know different. Our time hasn’t arrived yet, it will shortly and it will be the thing to do, I assure you. Religions of all will use our Technology to get all men free from drugs and the effects they cause and it will make man literate, so they can duplicate and we will clear this Planet. People are just being like kids right now when there parents are trying to get them to go to piano lessons. That is just case phenomena easily handled with the tech. Man resists change. But that is his case and that is easily handled. You can grow like you never dreamed possible, You can degrade what I am saying, those that do are only making themselves right. But you can be assured, they won’t grow. You can , so don”t let that negative BS they spread keep you from looking for your self… See how critical people have become of Katie. What you down you will hate, because the mind has to be right. Thinking is mans level, believing is below thinking, you are a spiritual being who has the potential to just KNOW. If we are to survive our future, we have to be at that level, lets get growing…

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  • I’m all for having an open mind, and all for people to have their own thoughts and even to convince others of them (as that is what everyone who feels passionately about something will do….

    However, this guys email just really rambles far too much to pay attention 🙂 Personally, I’m impressed you made it all the way through his message! I got through the first paragraph and dozed off, then came back for the last phrase. Maybe that’s how Tom got Katie, he bored her to death while she was staring at his money.