The ‘long tail’ is really, really long

I occasionally wander over to Technorati and weep at my woefully pitiful blog ranking: 103,499th.


But the other day, I had a slightly contrary thought. Sure, I’m part of the long tail of websites. Specifically, blogs.

But that long tail is really, really, really long. Incredibly long. In fact, mind-blowingly long. As Technorati now states, it is currently tracking 21.6 million blogs (as well as 1.7 billion links).

(BTW, since reducing the 22 million blogs by some considerably large fraction to take out the fake, auto-generated spam blogs would reduce the impact of my coming point, and since that would also adversely affect my ego, I’m going to ignore them.)

If I place slightly worse than 100,000th in a race, that sucks. However, if 22 million people are racing … maybe that’s not too bad after all.

In fact, with those numbers, is comfortably within the top 1% of all blogs. In fact, I’m in the top .5%.

Wow! Cool! Wooooooo! I came in 103,449th!

Can you believe some poor sucker is sitting at 103,450th right now? He (or she) must feel like a complete chump or something.

At least I’m not 103,451st. That would be a real embarrassment.

. . .
. . .

By the way …
Here’s a really, really good Wired article on the long tail. In fact, it’s the article that started the long tail meme.