Mount Baker tubing trip

I took most of the day off last week Friday – Teresa and I took the kids to Mount Baker, just across the border in Washington.

There’s a great little tubing area that ends in a flat run over a little lake. The ice seemed to hold, but I could kick my way through it if I really tried, so we eventually moved to another area.

It was an incredibly warm day, at least in the sun: I didn’t need a jacket, and even took my shirt off for a few minutes here and there.

Here’s a family shot on self-timer … digital camera balanced precariously on the other tube:

family tubing at mount baker

Ethan decided he wanted to climb a steep slope just up from the lake – and he succeeded. I’m following him here in this picture, but I couldn’t get to the top via this route. I kept sinking in 5-6 feet of snow, but Ethan made it up. Way to go, Ethan!

mountain climbers

Just across the from the lake there’s a little chalet that groups can rent. The proprietor allowed us to tube behind the chalet. Check out the doors at back: 4 at different levels … depending on how much snow will fall during the season:

chalet doors

On the way back down the mountain, we captured this shot of one of the peaks at Mount Baker. Note the snow pack just waiting to fall, about a third of the way down the mountain face.

mount baker peak

All in all, a wonderful day.