The 15 worst user acquisition mistakes you can make

Making mistakes in user acquisition is easy. After all, it’s literally one of the hardest jobs in marketing.

From my post on my client Singular’s blog:

What are the 15 worst user acquisition mistakes you can make? The most awful, horrible, shot-myself-in-the-foot mistakes?

Pablo Gonzales is a performance marketing director for Admiral Media who has worked in performance and digital marketing for over a decade for brands like MercadoLibre and Banco Galicia. A few weeks ago he posted on LinkedIn, saying that he and his team had managed 26 million Euros in ad spend to scale apps over the last 12 months and learned 15 of the worst performance-killing mistakes.

So, clearly, I had no choice, there was no other option: I had to invite him onto Growth Masterminds and dive into them all. Here are all 15 of the worst mistakes marketers can make in user acquisition campaigns.

Get all 15 in my post on Singular’s blog …