TechFirst hits 100 episodes (and I plan to give away $100 “bills”)

100 TechFirst

I can’t believe TechFirst with John Koetsier hit 100 episodes already.

I had no idea what this podcast would become when I first started it, and the first episodes were … so … very … bad! It’s been a ton of work but also a ton of fun, and I appreciate every guest and every subscriber. I’m also super-thankful that TechFirst is already a top-100 podcast in the tech category in the U.S. (and up to #4 in Austria! plus high in a bunch of other countries!). It’s nice to see some impact from time to time.

But I want to grow (who doesn’t?) So I’ve started a contest, the “100th Episode Contest” … and all the details are in episode 100:

Basically: leave a review, screenshot it, tweet it or share it to me, and you’re eligible to win $100 in celebration of my 100th episode. Pretty simple. Even if you don’t want to review TechFirst, please do take a moment and connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

There have been so many amazing moments with amazing guests. I’ll link to just a few of them:

It’s been a crazy ride, and it’s only accelerating now. You might be aware that I do most of my TechFirst episodes as live video interview that you can watch on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Feel free to join in … if you’ve got comments, they might make it on to the show.

Thank you for subscribing (if you haven’t check those big buttons up a little higher on the page) and leaving a review. I’d love to send $100 your way (listen to the episode for more details) or to a charity in your name.

It’s been a fabulous ride to 100. Here’s to the next 100!