Technorati and Google: What’s taking so long?

Technorati is the self-proclaimed finger on the pulse of the rapidly-growing blogosphere.

Anyone who’s anyone knows Technorati, in spite of the proliferation of me-to sites and services all over the place (to a greater or lesser extent these include: Daypop, Popdex, Feedster, Blogwise). And the info Technorati provides (or could be mined for) is great valuable stuff (examples: 1, 2, and 3).

There’s only one problem: Technorati is dead slow!

That’s a bigger problem that it appears when you consider that the blogosphere is doubling in size every 5 months or so. Which means that this is no ordinary scaling challenge where you build out infrastructure to handle known stable or slightly growing demand. The blogosphere is exploding, and Technorati is already slow – catching up to existing demand will be hard, and getting ahead of a very steep curve will be double plus un-easy … even with a really, really, really good new ops sysadmin.

I have no information whatsoever about any impending takeovers, but I’d have to imagine that Google could technically manage the challenges of enormous scaling problems better than anyone else on the planet. And you’d have to think that the kinds of things Technorati indexes, and the way they do it, would be of interest to Google.

I wonder if there will be a marriage of convenience in the offing at some point?


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    Other than that, I have placed your blogsite with my FAV and hope I can evoke some feedback from you on things we may mutually enjoy.

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    Enough said.

    I am intested in you and what you do…nosey? Sorry if I sound that. Actually, my college degree is Journalism (Ateneo U., a Jesuit run school in Manila) and post grad work is Radio TV (Ryerson U. Toronto. Canadaz)