Talking to clients and other scary things

Had an interesting email conversation with Rastin Mehr today.

He had shot me a link to’s article about web design. A writer is reporting on a Canadian study that suggests that users make snap decisions about websites they visit. In addition to this stunning scientific advance, the article offers some conclusions about site structure and design.

Me to Rastin:

Take a look at the content area on the website this article is published on … I think it violates almost all the rules it advocates!

Rastin’s reply:

True! I guess they wouldn’t consider redesigning the whole site because of a submitted article.

:- )

Which motivated me to say … because I couldn’t state the above sentiment on the website …

You know it’s interesting, but articles without a place to comment on them, and see others’ comments, are just less and less interesting to me.

To which Rastin wrote in heavily sarcastic shock:

You mean to take the control from the site owner and handing it to the users? But what if users write stuff that the author didn’t like?

My turn:

Could be bad. Tell you what’s worse: they lose interest and go away.


Good let’s do that then.

:- )



There’s gotta be a lesson in there somewhere. If you don’t want to allow full client interaction with your site, at least put a blog on there somewhere. You’ll be smarter for it.


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