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Facebook sharing tools suck – here's how to fix 'em

Ever counted the number of clicks it takes to upload a pic or a clip to Facebook? Way too many!

Here’s how to make it much better:

It’s between 6 and 8 clicks, depending on how you go about it, and here’s the process:

  1. Click “Photo” in the Share bar
  2. Read the options, decide I’m uploading, and click “Upload a Photo”
  3. Click “Choose File”
  4. Hunt for my file in the file dialog that appears
  5. Click my file, and then click “Choose” (or doubleclick the image file)
  6. Click in the text area to add a note about the pic
  7. Click “Share” (assuming I’m not changing any privacy preferences)

That’s a LOT of clicks when 2 decades of computing has taught us to drag and drop files when we want to move them from one place to another.

It didn’t happen right away on the web, for a lot of good reasons, but Google Docs has been doing it since 2010. And there are toolsets available to make it happen easily.

So, Facebook: put a couple of smart engineers on it and lets see what you can do!

Whoa. Just tried to upload photos in Google+ and guess what … drag and drop is here:

Before the drag:

After the drop:

Immediately obvious features:

  • Drag & drop (duh)
  • Individual image upload progress reporting
  • Live image updating as images are uploaded

Very, very slick.