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The big TO

I was in Toronto a week or so ago, talking to some of our new media consultants. I had some time to explore a little, and here’s what I saw:

I’d been in Toronto previously, but never really had the time or opportunity to explore the downtown core or check out the CN Tower. This trip I finally got the opportunity … and had a nice steak dinner with a former colleague and current friend at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant.

Seriously? That's your brand? That's your tagline?

Inspiration strikes a the oddest moments – such as a stroll back to your hotel in downtown Toronto.

Where I happened to notice this Grand & Toy truck being unloaded:

“Nobody looks at office supplies the way we do.”

Seriously? That’s your brand? That’s your tagline? Really? What on earth does that mean?

Are you confessing to unnatural urges? Do you have an autistic view of office supplies, like Rain Man, counting sheets of paper in each package and mentally dividing all the pens according to color and size?

A brand is important. A tagline should convey something real as well as expressive about that brand. It shouldn’t be a throw-away that lacks any real meaning.