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Sony Wonderbook: I'm predicting a flop, based purely on the advertising

If truth in advertising is too much to ask, how about just advertising the product?

I saw on VentureBeat this morning that Sony has signed J.K. Rowling to write the first game/book for PlayStation’s augmented reality peripheral, Wonderbook.

Intrigued (although I am, alas, no Harry Potter fan) I checked out the story, and watched the promotion videos that Sony created to promote the new product launch, eager to see how the Wonderbook works and what it does. Only to be vastly unimpressed … not with the videos themselves, but with the fact that they show virtually nothing of the actual product.

Here’s one:

What does this product actually look like? What does it really do? I mean, there’s wonderful soft mystical music, magical flourishes, and impressive CG effects. But no actual footage of the real product. The funniest part in the narration? About 50 seconds in:

Melodramatic english narrator: ” … must be seen to be believed.”

Caveat immediately follows: “Images simulated. Actual game images appear on your television …”

If they must be seen to be believed, I don’t currently believe … mostly because I haven’t seen. So show me, Sony! Show the actual product in actual use with actual images.

The second promo vid is just as bad, if not worse. There are not going to be cool little cartoon characters popping out of the product, hovering in mid-air, talking to kids.

This is a set-up for disappointment. Sony has learned nothing from Apple, which focuses on making incredible products, and then simply demonstrates them in its ads in a low-key, nonchalant manner. (Which, by the way, makes them much more credible, much more believable.) Sony’s ads are nothing but hype.

Based solely on the ads, I think Wonderbook is going to be a major flop.

Cyberpunk NOW: Anonymous & the Playstation Network are showing us the future

I feel like I’m living in a William Gibson novel.

Vast global corporations with deep pockets and global digital systems attacked by amorphous self-organizing digital conglomerations. Virtual worlds virtually attacked, with real-life consequences.

I’m talking, of course, about hacker/cracker group ANONYMOUS and their maybe/maybe not their takedown of Sony’s Playstation Network.

Someone took down the service. Someone (maybe a different set of someones) stole perhaps 100 million credit cards (!!!). Possibly, the data thieves took advantage of a relatively minor distraction caused by Anonymous. Possibly, a group as porous and well, anonymous as Anonymous includes some less-than-savoury characters who use their mad skillz and sometimes doff their white hats for chapeaux noirs.

Who knows? Who can find out? Who would even tell?

We’re stuck in cyberspace – a world William Gibson invented – and it’s cloudy in here, with no chance of meatballs. Traceable footprints and fingerprints are limited and digital and deletable and spoofable in this world. Only experts can trace them, and only if they are granted access to relevant services and servers by multiple major corporations and governments, all with competing agendas. And, just like their meatspace analogues, they disappear over time.

People are employed in digital industries, making virtual goods that have actual value. We’ve known this for years. This is just a corollary … stealing insubstantial data that can be transubstantiated into very real physical and substantial wealth.

Welcome to the future. It’s like the past but different.

Sony DSC-T200 cable is WAY too big!

David and Goliath

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Help – my cable is bigger than my camera!

I must, must, must find a smaller cable than the monstrosity that Sony is shipping with all its cameras lately. Some MBA-type decided it would be easier to ship one cable that connects to both TVs and computers than a purpose-built cable for each … or, better, yet, just ONE cable for computers, which is what 99% of people need.

So, now I have a cable that is bigger than my camera, and a significant obstacle to its useful portability on multi-day trips.

Anyone know of a smaller after-market cable?

Takes all kinds …

I tell you, I get the weirdest email sometimes …

This one was in response to my Sony camcorder & Mac OS X: Not happy together? post from a year or so ago.

i saw your blog about about the mac and sony cam! I am the victim of samsung not connecting with mac! kinda like pam anderson and kid rock! it sort of works but not the full throatle

anywho sorry to bother you i am sure you are busy! My problem i bought my cam yesterday from compusa which is going out of buisness so all sales are final!

now i think i can take it back raising h*ll in a calm way! i would even take a credit and buy something i can use! but i did drop 230 bucks so i am pissed not break a nail pissed I cant sleep at night pissed, because i was wrong

anywho why this random email well is apple coming out with a new usb chord?

you seem like you know yo sh*t and frankly i am a new user to apple just bought the imac beast 2 days ago!

take care!


More power to you, Mary. Hope everything worked out OK – and thanks for brightening my day with your email!

I finally bought a T200

I finally broke down and bought a Sony DSC-T200.

dsc-t200I’ve been looking at compact cameras for a long, long time, and had my eye on the T-200. It’s tiny, but it also has a 3.5″ screen, 5X optical zoom, and mechanical image stabilization.

Besides that, it just look amazing … and frankly, the aesthetics are critically important to me as well as the photo quality and mechanical specs.

Sony is just about to launch the T-300, but in my mind the 300 doesn’t add anything spectacular, and in fact I prefer the 8 megapixels of the T-200 to the T-300’s 12 megapixels. The sensor size isn’t changing, so I think the T-300’s pictures will just be noisier as the light gets split up more and more, or software as the software valiantly fights to compensate.

It’s being delivered Monday … I’m looking forward to opening it up and having a camera that’s slim enough to take with me wherever I go …