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Summer Holidays

(a poem by Gabrielle Koetsier, age 10)

Children sitting, solemn, silent.
Bell rings! Screaming, yelling, violent!
Running, rushing, up the stairs.
“Children, wait!” nobody cares.
School’s out! It’s summer! Time to play!
No more teachers! Run away!
We are going to the pool.
Perfect way to keep us cool.
Let’s go buy some lemonade!
We will drink it in the shade.
Our skin is brown, our feet are bare.
And we are free without a care.
Playing, laughing, summer days,
We’re on summer holidays!

(I typed it all out by myself too!)

Glass Tiger

This poem strikes me as rather pretentious, pedantic, and predictable … and no I wasn’t searching for ‘p’ words there! But what the heck, I wrote it late one night, it meant something to me then, and I include for the sake of authenticity.

Juvenilia villa!

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