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How to sync your digital camera movies to iPad

If you’re wondering how to sync the movies from your digital camera to iPad, you’re not alone. I thought I had enabled everything necessary … only to find one little detail undone.

Check this screen in iTunes:

Make sure the “include videos” option is checked … otherwise you’ll sync and sync without – actually – syncing.

Be aware, however, that iPad does not support MPEG movie files … so unless you’re saving in .mov file formats, you’re out of luck.

Apple Said to Be in Talks to Buy Music Service Lala (Update3) – Bloomberg.com

Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) — Apple Inc., maker of the iPod player and iTunes music software, is in talks to acquire online music service Lala, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The terms of the deal weren’t known. The people declined to be identified because talks are still in progress. Investors in Palo Alto, California-based Lala include New York-based Warner Music Group Corp., Boston-based Bain Capital Ventures and Ignition Partners in Bellevue, Washington.

The Lala service lets users listen to any song on its site once for free. Customers can then opt to buy the track for 10 cents and listen to it on the Web. The service differs from iTunes because the music is stored on servers via so-called cloud computing, instead of being downloaded to the user’s computer. If customers decide to download a track, the cost is 79 cents — compared with iTunes’ price of 69 cents to $1.29.

via Apple Said to Be in Talks to Buy Music Service Lala (Update3) – Bloomberg.com.

iTunes: "sync" actually means "export"

My iPhone is currently paired with my iMac, and I want it paired with my MacBook. So I go to synchronize it and this is the message iTunes gives me:

“Are you sure you want to sync applications? All existing applications and their data on the iPhone “John Koetsier’s iPhone” will be replaced with applications from this iTunes library.”


To me, synchronization means that two or more applications have a little chat. They find out what each other knows, and update each other to include any data that each individually has, and the most current version of any shared data.

Anything else – such as this iTunes “sync” – is just export and import.

Which means that in this case, iTunes synchronization is at best a white lie, and at worst deceptive.