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Cold white stuff that you pour on cereal

There’s a fascinating article in the BBC archive about a person who reads dictionaries for fun. No, that’s not me.

But here’s where I recognized myself:

But absorbing so much made Mr Shea lose his grasp on his normal vocabulary. He recalls being fascinated when reading the definition for the word “glove” before he realised it was a word he already knew.

“That happened frequently. I guess it gave me a useless large vocabulary and in the short-term I lost my normal vocabulary. I would go to the shop and forget the word for milk. Momentarily I’m looking for the cold, white stuff.”

My wife Teresa and daughter Gabrielle are studying for this year’s spelling bee. Last year, Gabrielle won her school’s bee, and survived many rounds of the regional championship. They keep asking me what various arcane words mean, and I keep startling them by knowing.

And yet, sometimes, I can’t remember the word for the round black thing that goes on the cars’ wheel. So it was comforting to find that BBC article which explains it, to a degree.

At least, it’s a more palatable explanation than Alzheimers.



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My daughter Gabrielle won her school’s spelling bee this past week Thursday.

I was in Winnipeg for a quick business trip, but my wife Teresa took pictures and our son Aidan (4) took video.

The really cool thing beyond Gabrielle winning is that she’s in the lowest grade of middle school right now, so she beat out kids not only in grade 6, her grade, but also grades 7 and 8.

Her prize was the Ripley’s Believe it or Not book in her hand, and in March she may go to the regional spelling bee in Vancouver’s Orpheum.

Congratulations, Gabrielle!