Spotify finally expanding video podcast platform

Spotify has been promising video podcast support for a long time … over a year. Now they’re finally expanding beyond the Joe Rogans of the podcasting world.

From my story at Forbes:

More than a year after launching video podcasts, Spotify is finally expanding access to its video platform for more creators. Don’t get too excited yet: you still have to apply, and Spotify is going for the creme of the podcasting crop first.

Spotify originally hyped video podcasts in July of 2020.

But though the company’s podcast creation and distribution tool Anchor immediately launched a video uploading tool, it stripped the video and accepted only the audio for the vast majority of podcasters.

But a spokesperson now says they’ll be “rapidly” expanding.

I’ve tested this with my TechFirst with John Koetsier podcast (check it out on Spotify here) and while I’ve been able to upload videos, they’re not yet showing up on either Spotify web, Spotify’s Mac app, or Spotify’s iOS app. Presumably they’re coming sometime soon.

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