Spoke on Remerge’s podcast: Shifting mobile marketers’ mindsets on measurement

marketing measurement

I had a ton of fun speaking on Remerge’s Apptivate podcast. Check it out:

From their show notes:

Today’s guest says IDFA only ever gave mobile marketers the illusion of certainty. In this episode, John Koetsier, the CEO of Sparkplug9, discusses how to use the measurement tools available today, like SKAN, to arrive at what he calls ‘truthy’, or within the parameters of an accurate perception of reality. John encourages marketers to move on from the past and embrace the reality that’s always existed: mobile measurement techniques aren’t always perfect.

We talk about SKAN, we talk about IDFA, patience (and how much it sucks), the illusions of certainty that we used to have, and my new favorite term, “truthiness.” You’re not going to find THE TRUTH … but you can get truthy insights into your performance. Plus we also chat about my other new favorite term, “everything everywhere all at once,” which is how I think app marketers are going to understand performance going forward.