Does anyone use a web browser anymore?

Check the list below. What’s the common thread?

  • Googlebot
  • Yahoo! Slurp
  • YahooFeedSeeker/1.0
  • Mozilla Aggregator
  • MSNbot
  • AppleSyndication
  • YouReadMe Feedeater 1.0
  • ZyBorg/1.0 Dead Link Checker (;
  • NetNewsWire/2.0
  • Bloglines/2.0
  • kinjabot (
  • Lektora 1.0
  • Feedster Crawler/1.0; Feedster, Inc.
  • Mediapartners-Google/2.1 (if you run Google ads, you’ll see this)
  • lmspider
  • A2B Location-Based Search Engine (+
  • BlogSearch/1.1 +
  • GeoURL bot (
  • Blogslive (
  • OmniExplorer_Bot/1.09 (+ Internet Categorizer
    (this is a nasty spider: it hit something like 150 pages at once)
  • SharpReader/ (.NET CLR 1.1.4322.573; WinNT 5.1.2600.0)

  • They’re all either spiders or link aggregators or RSS agents of some kind that I found in my user agent webstats with just a cursory glance. The interesting thing is that some days I get more traffic from these than from actual people using actual web browsers, actually surfing the web.


    PS: While checking the user agents, I was shocked and thrilled that someone (or someones) uses Lynx to access Trés cool!