Space Inc: 10,000 Companies, $4T Value … And 52% American

There’s an unprecedented surge of investment and exploration in space technology right now. That’s led to record valuations, record number of space companies, and record number of space launches.

In a new report, SpaceTech Analytics map the sector comprehensively. From my post at Forbes …

The United States spends more on space than all other countries combined, the report says, with its budget exceeding the next 15 nations’s spending by a wide margin.

The 10,000+ companies in space technology have a combined value of over $4 trillion, according to the report. Launch technology continues to improve, bringing orbital delivery costs down to an estimated $500/kilogram in SpaceX’s Starship, as opposed to $20,000/kilogram on NASA’s iconic Space Shuttle.

The resulting market expansion will drive the total value of the sector to $10 trillion by 2030, the report says.

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