350 CMOs on digital transformation of marketing: the task 2021 demands

Marketing might be a fairly high-tech endeavor in 2021, but that doesn’t mean marketing departments and CMOs have all their ducks in a row. The reality is that most marketers don’t have a single source of truth, don’t bring all their data together for a holistic view of customers and prospects, and don’t connect all their 25 different marketing tools for maximum impact.

From my latest post on my client’s blog …

Unwrapped in a winning strategy, tactics are zero to 60 in three seconds flat to chasing your tail, wasting your budget, and ending up with cute case studies on multiple vendor-du-jour websites. But … not generating lasting, pervasive, and — perhaps most critically — continually compounding marketing advantage. And we wonder why there’s faster turnover at the CMO position than any other C-level executive role.

We generally hear about “digital transformation” in the context of companies of a certain age. Companies that don’t do business online, perhaps. Maybe that don’t have a mobile app, an Alexa Skill, or a podcast.

Do they need help? Sure.

Are all those things good? Yes.

But there’s something deeper that modern digital-first companies need. And it’s something most marketing departments in young tech-savvy companies also fail to achieve.

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