Something about people …

Was at a B -B-Q recently, and I was the burger flipper. Not such a bad job … I could probably get used to it … maybe even saying “would you like fries with that” 500 times a day.

On the other hand … maybe not.

But it was interesting to see who went for the vegie burgers and who went for the beef. I’ve seen a lot of people who are on low-carb diets. A lot of people on low-protein diets. And a lot of people on all kinds of other types of diets.

There’s one constant: they’re all fat.

There’s gotta be a lesson about human nature in this. Or one about marketing.

Or if not, maybe one about food.

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  • speaking of peopIe, why not impIement an id verification so same peopIe wouId not change names to post the same fake stuff over and over again, 99% of the time the same peopIe who argue over someone over something are reposting a counterattack in an ignorant fashion to spur things up needIessIy, of course under different names and etc… i think it is very unprofessionaI to aIIow the same peopIe use different nick names and pretend to be someone they are not. it’s not even cIear who is who anymore unIess peopIe kept their originaI names. the moment one tries to get into a conversation an ignorant starts attacking and as soon as you try to expIain them why you said what you said, they begin another ignorant attack under a different name.. very pathetic indeed.

  • Thanks, Jeremy.

    To be honest, my blogging has really changed over the past 6 months … from trying to be the next web 2.0 pundit to just being myself, noticing things, and then saying them.

    Glad you’re enjoying it.

  • I think I’ll join Jeremy when he says he really enjoys this blog, I’ve started to take a look at your other entries. Just now I watched the video about using technology to teach, and it looks like a good idea to me. The world IS changing, and so are young people’s minds and the way they work.

    [P.S. Cling, if you are refering to me, then you already explained why, and I explained why too, and let’s leave it at that shall we? I am not changing names, it is unecessary.

    B.T.W. Is it interesting that Cling thought I was male?
    Perhaps it’s because Cling (are you male or female, by the way?) felt I was attacking him/her, and males were seen in the past (and even now, sometimes) as the more aggressive type maybe, while females were ‘supposed’ to be more passive. I guess that’s another way that human nature is changing. I was quite surprised the other day when a male friend of mine had to remind me that males used to dominate over females. And he’s younger than me. I had forgotten that way of thinking had existed, hehe.]