It is capital-C cold today. (At least for the West coast – I think it went below 0 Celsius today.)

It feels like snow, looks like snow, and it even smells like snow. And guess what’s in the forecast? Snow. (Of course, when all these conditions are met, and kids’ expectations are high, it would be very West Coast to get rain.)

I was talking to some people at church yesterday, and they were bemoaning the fact that it looks like we’re going to get some white stuff that is not on the mountains. Sorry, but when you start thinking that way, you’re getting old.

All kids (you too, when you were young) look forward with joy and glee at the prospect of snow. It’s wonderful, beautiful, marvelous stuff that transforms the world into a hushed, softened, magical place.

I say: let it snow!

(You can always work from home. That’s why they invented the internet.)