iPod based home stereo

Teresa and I have been considering what to do with our home stereo for quite some time, and I’m thinking an iPod-based solution might be the answer.

Once I got my iPod, I immediately felt that my music library was freed – in retrospect CDs and jewel cases seem like little plastic coffins that concealed our songs.

Harmon Kardon’s iPod Docking Station seems like a good way to make that happen … put it together with the HK 3480 stereo receiver, and you’ve got a fairly decent home system.

Another benefit of putting these together (besides the relatively low cost) is that it’s a dedicated home stereo system. I’ve been looking for one for some time, and found it fairly annoying that everything auditory seems to have moved to home theatre systems. We don’t have our TV in the main living area, and see no need to integrate home theatre and home stereo.

Now the only question left … which speakers?

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(BTW, the cheapest reputable place I’ve found the HK 3480 is J & R.)