Snap and SKAdNetwork: ready and running for mobile marketers on iOS

Is Snapchat open for SKAdNetwork business? In a word: yes.

Singular and Snapchat are excited to announce a joint solution for SKAdNetworkcampaign measurement. Marketers can use the Singular SDK to manage conversion goals and maintain full compatibility with Snapchat.

While it’s been hard for marketers to find publishers who are fully ready to go with SKAdNetwork-compatible ad inventory, Snap has been quick off the mark. Singular is fully integrated with Snap’s iOS 14-compatible ad inventory, meaning marketers are already testing ad campaign measurement on Snap via Singular.

Perhaps even more interesting?

Like Facebook but unlike Google, Snap has decided to show the App Tracking Transparency prompt. And the results, according to our recent IDFA survey data, could be extremely important for the ecosystem as a whole.

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