iOS 14 Readiness: How to begin testing with DSPs, SSPs, and MMPs

I’ll be hosting this webinar tomorrow for my consulting client, Singular. Focus: iOS 14 and the ecosystem of support that marketers need.

From the registration page:

SKAdNetwork is the clear path forward for iOS 14 measurement, but implementation can’t be done in a silo. Advertisers, DSPs, SSPs, and MMPs all need to collaborate to close the loop.

We’re bringing different industry players to discuss how they’re working together and with advertisers to run successful campaigns in iOS 14.5 and beyond. Join our expert panel for a discussion on:

  • The state of industry readiness
  • The essential components for a SKAdnetwork setup
  • Step-by-step instructions on testing and troubleshooting
  • Actionable steps marketers should take for a smooth transition

Panelists include:

  • Eran Friedman, CTO and cofounder: Singular
  • Andry Supian, senior product manager, Liftoff
  • Natalie Binns, senior product manager, Fyber
  • TK, Ram Krishnamurthy, VP, InMobi

And the questions I’ll be asking them:

  • What are the critical components of a complete SKAdNetwork setup?
  • How are all the players in the space (DSPs, SSPs, and MMPs) collaborating to ensure marketers can run successful campaigns in iOS14?
  • What are the main investments and tech changes for each part of the ecosystem (MMP, Network, SSP, etc)?
  • What does testing look like for publishers compared to marketers?
  • What about conversion values? Are advertisers ready with that and to what extent?
  • What about the DSPs … are they ready to help marketers optimize?
  • How many advertisers have started implementing?
  • What about the publisher side? What’s the SKAN install postbacks coverage?
  • What do you think the consent rate will look like? Any stats/averages you can share?
  • How can advertisers optimize the consent rate?
  • What marketers should do now
  • What publishers should do now

Join me by signing up here.