Snakes on a plane (on a plane)

OK, so I finally watched Snakes on a Plane … on an airplane.

The guy next to me saw that I had a laptop and pulled out a stack of movies. Since he offered the DVD, I could hardly refuse and keep my geek cred.

The movie did pretty much suck, unfortunately. But it did allow me to learn one very cool thing: you can hot-swap the battery on an Apple laptop.

I knew I was running out of juice about 3 hours into the flight and 90 minutes into Snakes … so I closed the lid to go to sleep, flipped the ‘Book over, took the battery out, stuck my spare in … and voila: another 3 hours of electrical goodness.


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  • I have no intention of seeing that movie… And with your review, I will make it an effort to NEVER see it. The bit about hot swapping the battery is pretty entertaining, though.