SKAdNetwork plus everything else: Building a single source of mobile marketing truth


How do you build a single source of truth for mobile marketing data that includes a major new set of attribution and conversion data from Apple SKAdNetwork?

Mobile marketers who wanted a simple life might be forgiven for wondering lately if they should dust off their buy-a-house-in-the-country-and-make-goat-cheese plans. After all, it is 2020. And Apple’s planned IDFA opt-in changes are still coming. However, Singular’s Director of Product Marketing, Saadi Muslu, has some good news: Singular’s got your back.

And yes, it can be simple. No farm, house in the country, or goat cheese required.

Here’s the latest episode of Growth Masterminds:

And to get more details, including a partial transcript of our conversation, check out this post on Singular’s blog.