“Selfies are how they say hello”


This footage in a wrap-up from Mobile Growth Summit 2019 just finally crawled out of a cave and appeared on YouTube literally today, and Google Alerts told me about it. So of course I was compelled to share.

(Yes, I’m a raving narcissist).

Clearly I’m biased but I think our chat is pretty frickin’ good. (If you agree with me, be public about it. If not, tell the wind.)


Really enjoyed this wrap-up with Peggy Anne Salz, who I now do a lot of work with, and it includes shout-outs to Brian at CustomerAcquisition, Christian Calderon at Gamejam, as well as Kathleen Gambarelli from Snapchat, who said the phrase that heads this article.

She was talking about millennials, and she said that selfies are how they say hello.

I like that. There’s gotta be worse ways 🙂