Apple Smartglasses And The World Of Tomorrow: A Sneak Peek

Is Apple on a mission to reinvent eyeglasses?

Perhaps, and the resulting technology could ship in glasses with virtually infinite adjustments to your changing vision over time, never mind bifocal or trifocals for nearsightedness and farsightedness.

But that’s just the beginning.

“I hear they have 19 different prototypes that they’re working on, which shows the effort that Apple’s doing,” tech analyst Robert Scoble told me in a recent TechFirst podcast focused on a recent Apple patent win. “This is a multibillion dollar effort going into eyeglasses and thinking through literally everything.”

One part of Apple’s project is better glasses for better vision: exactly what glasses were initially invented for. Another part is significantly more transformational: a complete reimagining of human-computer interfaces.

Essentially, it’s the next major leap in technology platforms.

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