San Antonio architecture

Part of what makes a city a great city is its architecture.

You can have great architecture without a great city, but you can’t have a great city without great architecture.

When I travel, I love to experience the new place. And it becomes a special experience when the place has a style all it’s own. San Antonio’s style is heavily Southwestern, of course, and monolithic: stone.

Here are a couple of the sites and sights that caught my eye.

Two buildings for the price of one:


Funky streets make for funky buildings. This one with a bit of traffic light thrown in for special effect:


San Antonio loves its trees. These two are growing out of a restaurant right on the Riverwalk:


Kress appears to be some sort of department store or something like that, currently undergoing repairs:


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  • Took a “soft-opening” Architecture tour with a company called San Antonio Walks. I think the tour grand opeing will be Aug. 1? Anyway, we were invited as guests due to our having once taken their History tour – which was phenomenal. The Architecture tour was already outstanding at thsi point and I imagine after a few more tweaks, maybe even better. If you’re interested in the architecuture of San Antonio you may want to contact them.