Reverse productivity

If someone could please explain to me why this application is in the “Productivity” category of iPhone applications, I would really like to know.

The entire application consists of a “game” of holding a button on your iPhone (or iPod touch) for as long as possible. Unshockingly, “Hold On” is the name of the application, and also the entire instruction manual.

The “app” is by IMAK Creations, and I can only assume it was their first attempt.


At the very least, they’ve got people talking and linking, and that can’t be bad.


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  • Contest for the stupidest app to get in the apple store?
    Troll bait?
    Or maybe if your “winning” times are in the measure of *days* I could see that being something to help you concentrate. Of course, spending days holding your finger to your iphone power seems more of a productivity killer to me, but then again, you already said that!