Retailpocalypse: Amazon Prime Day Caused 32% Drop In Store Visits By Amazon App Users

People who have the Amazon app on their phones visited retails store like Sears, Target, Kohl’s, and JCPenny 32% less on Amazon’s recent Prime Day sale, according to data from business data firm Sense360.

That’s on average. Specifically, the drops were better or worse depending on chain, as Computerworld reported:

  • Sears: 36% drop
  • JCPenney: 34% drop
  • Kohl’s: 31% drop
  • Target: 28% drop
  • Home Depot: 24% drop
  • Lowe’s: 24% drop
  • Walmart: 23% drop
  • Best Buy: 19% drop
  • Barnes & Noble: 11% drop
  • Macy’s: 9% drop

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