Pure grass-roots genius: Ronald McHummer campaign

If you haven’t seen the Ronald McHummer site yet, you’re missing an absolute gem of grassroots citizen media … and a public relations nightmare for a huge multinational corporation.

What’s the site about? Free Hummer toys with Happy Meals:

I am appalled that McDonald’s, which influences the eating and buying habits of millions of kids, is using Happy Meals to promote Hummers.

These supersized SUVs spew smog-forming chemicals that send asthmatic children to the hospital and greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Our kids should be learning about cleaner, healthier cars and what they can do to protect the environment, not gas-guzzlers that keep us dependent on foreign oil.

The genius and the beauty is the ability to create your own McDonald’s sign in response to this promotion. Here’s mine:

Enjoy! (Unless you’re a McDonald’s shareholder!)

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