Pinko marketing in grayscale companies

What’s a savvy new-media social-web podcasting-blogging-story-telling marketer supposed to do in a company that thinks dead-tree news outlets are cutting edge?

Gino mentioned this problem at the Pinko Marketing Blog:

So, my new job (which has taken a lot of my time recently!) seems to conflict with my blogging.

Many house builders barely have a marketing department to speak of and those that do work in a very simple and formulaic fashion.

So where does Pinko marketing fit in with these people? Is there ANY point in trying to speak to these people a) about blogging and b) about Pinko Marketing.

My response, which I posted as a comment, is as follows:

That’s a tough one – particularly as the business you’re working for may not feel like it really needs to establish a long-term relationship with clients … after all, how many times is a client going to buy a home from you?

I will say one thing: forcing a marketing model on people who just don’t get it will not work.

  1. it’s not real for the company, so it’s not authentic, so it won’t ring true over time
  2. when people don’t understand you, or understand new things you want to do, they have a very strong incentive to think that you’re stupid, because this saves them the difficulty of rationalizing the fact that they don’t get it. So its a bit dangerous, personally. (Especially in a new job)

Get some wins. Establish a track record. Then start moving downfield in the direction you want to go … slowly, but purposefully.

When trying to change a corporate culture, slow is fast and fast is slow. The only possible exception is when the company is faced with a life-threatening challenge and must adapt quickly or die painfully.

And something that isn’t real for an organization isn’t sustainable.

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  • Forget corporate culture . about an entire industry??? The “Green Industry” as we like to call it. Landscape Contractors, Designers, Architects, Nurserymen, GArden Centers, and on and on.

    They are still discussing Yellow-page ads, and sticking flyers in doors.

  • John:

    You’ll find a lot of ‘homeowner’ gardening blos out there, a lot. But the challenge would be to find those on the professional side.

    The amateurs love to show their newest perennial, a shot of their tomato’s, or the spider in the peppers.

    The industry that is on the internet is pretty stagnant, they are convinced that all they need is word of mouth to succeed, and nothing else.