Peter @ Agile Media

I had lunch with Peter Field (VP business development) of Agile Media today.

Agile’s a smallish but very very sharp marketing agency in the Vancouver, BC area that is putting all the pieces together in one place: marketing expertise, branding, image, direct marketing, plus print and web solutions that make it real.

I have to say I have endless amounts of respect for guys (and women) like Peter and his partner, Rick Gagner.

While I’m starting up a new division/products/business from within a largish corporate entity, they’re doing it by themselves. Bootstrapping. And putting lots of their own skin in the game.

Intrapreneurship has it’s own challenges, but the rent is paid every month, the lights never go out, the chair is cushy, and the salary is not at risk (well, not at high risk, let’s put it that way).

Congrats to Peter and Agile, who are looking to expand right now. I won’t provide details, since I’m not sure that’s public information, but suffice it to say they have a lot of irons in the fire, and it’s impressive.