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No, this site has not been hacked, and no, I have not decided to change my sexual orientation. Rather, this is a cautionary tale on the foolish choosing of domain names.

There exists, unfortunately, a company called Pen Island. Said company wished, unfortunately, to have an eponymous domain name: Said domain name, unfortunately, is easily misread by those with dirty minds. (That’s you, gentle reader.)

The problem is that not only is the domain name suseptible to conflation with rather more prurient proclivities, the content of the website is too.

Not only can you get them custom-made:


They’re also guaranteed real, not imitation. No pumps here.


Whatever your taste, Pen Island has something for you:


Even the advertising fits the theme. After all, this is a pen lover’s paradise:


Not sure what you prefer? Take a free sample for a test drive:


(OK, I know I’m going to regret this post. Probably just as soon as I hit the Publish button. Ah well – what’s life without a little pushing the envelope?

Last note: yes, I know the site is a fabrication. Check the category links … this is not a real company’s website.)

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